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A Foundation of Hope

Definition of Hope (Oxford English Dictionary)  'to look with expectation of something desired; to trust, have confidence; to expect with desire, one of the three heavenly graces (faith, hope and love); it is a ground of hope - a promise.'


2 Emma Close, Dalmeny NSW 2546 Australia
Tel:+61 (02) 4476 8511  Mobile: 0488 530 070
Fax:+61 (02) 4476 8511

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ElmGroveSanctuary

Email: egstrust2@gmail.com

The Elm Grove Sanctuary Trust is a registered charitable foundation with the Australian Taxation Office (ABN 27003 317 619)


Exec. Directors

Sister Laurel Clare Lloyd-Jones lfsf

Brother Edwin Thomas Lloyd-Jones lfsf


Dr. Peter John Sands                                                   Stuart Henry Absalom

Sheila Elizabeth Scott                                                  Gray (Dipak) Ramsey

Seán Kieran Burke                                                       Laurie Wood


  •  Elm Grove Sanctuary Trust seeks to improve the quality of life for all people free from discrimination due to race, religion, creed or social background.
  • Working in areas of support through education and the upholding of human rights; social justice and equality of opportunity we provide support to disadvantaged individuals and communities through educational programs, especially focusing on children and youth.
  • We have a strong commitment to our nation's First People and we seek to offer programs which aid “closing the gap” for Aboriginal children and youth within our mainstream educational system.
  • We provide support, counselling, and respite care for people experiencing challenge in their lives.
  • We encourage a responsible approach to health (spiritual, physical, emotional and mental) and our environment through seminars, workshops, symposia, lecture meetings and other educational programs.
  • We seek to establish and maintain relations with bodies having similar objectives to the Trust and we encourage contact and exchange of ideas with such bodies.

In response to the growing world-wide awareness of the environmental crisis now facing our planet, the Elm Grove Sanctuary Trust seeks through education and support of other organisations (who are working to provide a sustainable model of responsible action and development) to provide a more hopeful future for the generations who will follow us. 

"If we will have the wisdom to survive, to stand like, slow, growing trees on a ruined place, renewing, enriching it: if we will make our seasons welcome here, asking not too much of earth or heaven, then a long time after we are dead - the lives, our lives prepare, will live here."
(Wendell Berry)

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